SiCC and SLCC Films

SiCC and SLCC Films

The SiCC and SLCC Films crew help to develop films and animations to get their voices heard, to help other young people who may be going through – or are about to go through – similar experiences to them and to help shape services for other young people.

The crew are directly involved with the creating, designing, writing, voicing and production of every SiCC and SLCC Films animation and film.

We’re always looking for more young people to join. Would you like to be part of our crew?

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Check out some of the films and animations that the SiCC and SLCC Films crew have worked on below.

SiCC and SLCC Recruitment Animation

Child Protection Conference

Your Journey: Coming into Care

Making a Complaint About Children’s Social Care

What is an Independent Visitor?

What is an Advocate?

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