Money Money Money

Money Money Money

Well, we reckon that learning about money and personal finance are really important skills for all young people – lets face it we pretty much use money every day of our lives.  Here is a really helpful workbook put together by The Department of Education, Share Foundation and the Personal Finance Education Group put together for young people in care to help Make Your Money Work For You. Download your copy here

Become which used to be called ‘The Who Cares Trust’, have made this really useful fact sheet for care leavers who are 18+ explaining all about the financial help  you can expect and are entitled too. You can download load the fact sheet and show it to your personal adviser or leaving care worker and ask them to support you to access funding. All of Becomes fact sheets are available to download in different languages by visiting their site here
Propel is a website for Care Leavers which provides information on the financial support available at college and universities across the UK.

Some of the things you can find out are:

  • Whether 365 accommodation is available.
  • What bursaries and grants are on offer.
  • The help and support care leavers can expect.

There is plenty of other useful information which can be found here on the Propel Website.

If you would like further information on Somerset County Councils finance and all other  policies  for Care Leavers you can visit their site here

Managing your money, or finding out ways to get it, can be one of the biggest worries for young people. Whether you’re looking for information on claiming benefits, credit card debt or how to save for an Xbox The Mix have the right money tips for you.