Mind Of My Own

Mind Of My Own

Mind Of My Own is a participation tool for young people who use health, care and education services. Mind Of My Own enables young people to have their voices heard and to participate in the decisions about their life. By using the website or the apps children and young people can say what they want when they want. 


Hello there my name is Ryan Leakey and I am a member of the Somerset in care council (SICC) and the Somerset leaving care council (SLCC). Ever since I was introduced to Mind Of My Own a couple of years ago I didn’t think it was going to be as good as I think it is now. I was trained to become a Mind Of My Own trainer on the 8th of May 2017 I have loved using the app and think it’s revolutionary

I think that Mind Of My Own is really good because it’s a way of telling people things without using your voice, just your fingers!

Mind Of My Own has lots of different things that you can use such as ‘my worker is visiting’ ‘share my good news’ ‘get ready for a meeting’ ‘change something’ ‘planning for adulthood’ and a few others.

I think that young people should use Mind Of My Own because they can get things off their chest when it’s troubling them, for instance if the young person has a problem at 3am and they can’t sleep because of it, they can send a Mind Of My Own to their worker and it won’t reach their worker until they check their emails in the morning, the worker should reply within 3 working days, so the young person know the matter is being dealt with and they can sleep soundly at night.”

Mind Of My Own will help you prepare for meetings and express your views, wishes and feelings to people like your social worker, IRO, advocate or leaving care worker. Tell it what you want to say to them and when you’re done it will give you a choice to save, send, or print what you’ve written.

What you say to Mind Of My Own is kept confidential within the app. You choose which workers to send your Mind Of My Own statements to. You can set up your own account and password. No personal data is stored on your device or computer.

Mind Of My Own is available to use via the website or you can download the app from your app store, links below.

Mind of My Own website
Mind of My Own App on iTunes
Mind of My Own Google Play

Here is what some of our young people have said about Mind Of My Own:

Female 16 “I thought it was easy to use. Liked it, would help me decide what I want to say”

Female 11 “Easy to use, I would like to use it again, would recommend it”

Male 19, “ It got me thinking for myself, very good app easy to use”

Female 14 “took a bit too long but I would use it, I would be quicker at it next time”

Male 16 ” Its revolutionary”

Male 15 “I’ve had a little play around with it and I think it would help a lot of young people if they feel they can’t express their views through talking they could use the app”

Male 17  “useful because it’s there all the time, which means you don’t have to wait for County Hall to be open to express your views/contact your worker, as by morning you may forget how you were feeling and why. Easy to use, not lots of words and an easy reading level.  A quicker way of feeding into your Pathway plan without having a boring meeting”.

Female 16 “Found the app easy to navigate”