this is our logo, it was designed by one of our young people.

What is SiCC? SiCC stands for Somerset in Care Council – we are a group of young people who are living in care just like you.

We meet every second Sunday of the month at the Rollercoaster in Bridgwater to talk about the things that affect young people in care. We use our views and ideas to tell the managers who make decisions what we think works well in the care system and what could be better. We also help to interview people who are applying for jobs in children’s social care. 

 Sometimes we use their own experiences and sometimes we talk about things that other young people have asked us to discuss. Each year we make a plan about some of the things we would like to talk about and we discuss one of these things at each meeting. Sometimes we invite people who are working in the care system to come and talk about these topics with us. Our meetings are not all talking, sometimes we make films, do art and other activities but most importantly we have FUN!

Every now and then we get the chance to meet up with other In Care Councils from around the country and share ideas.

 Being in care whether you are in a foster placement or a residential home means you are already a member of SiCC – we are there to talk about anything you think is important.

You might decide you want to find out more about SiCC or even come along to one of our meetings, someone will talk to you first to explain a bit more about becoming an “Active Member” then you can come and try a meeting to see what you think.

Have a think about things, perhaps talk to your Social Worker or Independent Reviewing Officer [IRO], they could contact us on your behalf if you would prefer. The contact for SiCC is our Participation Officer; Lesley Corrin. You can call or text Lesley on 07585983356 or email:

Have a Look at Some of the Things SiCC Get Up to Below

Art Project

Last Year we helped to promote fostering in Somerset and to celebrate Foster Care Fortnight 2016 by taking part in an Art Exhibit. Some of our members along with other children in care (children looked after) created pieces of art that showed our dreams and aspiration for our future. You can check out our art by clicking on the picture below.


The Somerset Chairman’s Award for Services to the Community 2016

We were nominated by Councillor Leigh Redman and the Lead Member for Children & Families, Councillor Frances Nicholson,  who came to our meeting to present us with the Award.  Every SiCC and SLCC member received a copy of the certificate and we felt really proud of our achievement.

Unfortunately, not all of our members were present to receive the award

Have a look at the video below.

Here are Minutes from SiCC’s Monthly Meetings

Every year we pick topics we would like to work on as a group throughout the year, we call these our Priorities.

Here are our 2018/2019 Priorities.



Here are our 2017/2018 Priorities





December – We celebrated with a Christmas Party.




August – No meeting summer break.




Is there anything YOU would like us to talk about at our meetings? Or would YOU like to share your ideas about some of the work we have done?

Let us know in the box below.